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Local Search Marketing–What I do

My expertise is local search marketing.  My roots spring from local retail marketing as well as internet marketing.  I work with entrepreneurs and solo business owners to help them create an internet presence that allows them to take advantage of the many customers using the internet to find a local business.  Local search marketing will do more to make a small business successful than any other marketing tool.

Why Do Local Search Marketing?

Here’s my take on what’s happening with small businesses and internet marketing.

  • 20% of all internet searches are looking for a local business, product or service.
  • Only 4% of small business owners have established a local internet presence.
  • Local search marketing is the best marketing tool to locate customers who are ready to buy your product or service!
  • Local search marketing are free services!

You can learn more reasons for choosing local search marketing by watching this short four minute video.


Free Resources

As you look around on my blog, you will see a variety of free reports that will educate and entertain you.  Click on the Blog Tab for the latest blog posts on local search marketing.  I also do weekly articles called The Small Business Tool Box where I focus on current local search marketing tips and techniques and how small businesses can use local search marketing to attract more customers to their businesses.  Below you see several of the most recent articles.  Read a couple of them and if you like what you see, subscribe to get these articles weekly.

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Your Blueprint for Using Local Search Marketing

About Me

I live in Minnesota where the winters are very cold and the summers to short to improve my golf game.  I am a father of a 15 year old daughter,Laura, who would like to be 18–a challenge for both her mom and I.  I wrote poetry for 10 years and writing continues to be a passion of mine.

When you come from a working class background as I did, you develop a strong work ethic, you learn to do the job right the first time, and you want to be judged by your results.  I volunteer at my church and help Habitate for Humanity with my hands.

I have fun teaching others about local search marketing.  I meet some really wonderful people.  They teach me a lot; I try to return the favor. People tell me my programs has helped their businesses.   I believe you should make a contribution to the world in which you live.

Let’s Connect

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