Six Mobile Marketing Success Stories You Can Use in Your Business!

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Mobile marketing has many options to compliment your local search marketing. In this post, I will show how different businesses have creatively used mobile marketing options to grow their businesses. Enjoy and prosper.

Al HanzalIn each of these cases examples, businesses adhere to mobile marketing standards. They ask permission before they sent mobile marketing messages; they tell the customer how many and how often messages will occur; they provide information about opting out of the process and any costs a customer may occur with mobile marketing. As you will see, businesses can use mobile marketing for promotional purposes, informational purposes, marketing purposes and well as customer loyalty purposes.


This mobile marketing option is being used by REI and North Face businesses to drive customers to their physical stores. Here’s how it works.

Once a customer has opted in to the program, when they are physically near a store, they are automatically sent a mobile alert. This is made possible by the GPS on smart phones. It’s like establishing a virtual boundary around the store. The GPS triggers a personalized message based on the time and place and their current promotional offers.

People reactions have been positive to this GEO Fencing. 60% find it convenient; 79% report an increased visit to the store with this reminder; 65% make a purchase as a result of the alert and 73% plan to use this mobile option in the future.

Product Information

Best Buy uses mobile marketing to provide product information. Being an electronic store in a highly competitive marketing, Best Buy knows its customers are interested in product information about the latest electronic gadgets. Customers can use the short code Best Buy provides in their weekly print ad or with their in store signage.  They can use this short code to bring up product information about the newest products.

In this way, Best Buy keeps with its business model of having the latest products and providing a wealth of information about the products.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Estee Lauders used mobile marketing to reward loyal customers. Several times a year, they have a Gift Time offering which features selective products. Two days before the Gift Time is scheduled, customers are sent a mobile text about the exclusive gifts that will be offered during the Gift Time.

Estee Lauder targets their existing customers who are on the go and gives them an opportunity to get in on Gift Time offer. Their customers already know about Estee Lauder as a company and many of their products. Customers sign up for their mobile message because they don’t want to miss out on these specials. They love the mobile marketing because it reminds them two days before the sale begins.

Mall of America

If you have ever been to the Mall of America you know its size. It is 4.2 million square ft of space, 520 shops. You can spend a day in the mall and get completely lost.

Over several mall entrances is a mobile code you can use to find out which stores are having specials and promotions on that day. You only use this mobile code while you are at the mall. Regular stores as well as Kiosk’s stores combine together to alert mall shoppers to the special being offered on that day.

Mobile Purchases

Victoria Secret and Mobile MarketingVictoria Secret uses mobile marketing in a different way. They have created a mobile website. Mobile marketing messages are sent to their customers. Customers can use the mobile website to directly make purchases from the site. In this way, men and women are allowed to make purchases directly and discretely from their phones without having to visit the store.

Event Marketing

ACE hardware stores have used an interesting approach to mobile marketing. Their program called Aisle411. It is triggered by weather alerts. Whenever there is a weather alert in the area, such as snow storms, heat waves or other severe weather, a mobile  
weather alert is sent to Ace customers about the weather alert with coupons and special offers related to the weather alert. For example, a snow blower sale just before a huge snow storms. This mobile marketing is connected with the National weather service.


There are just a few of the many stories you will find about mobile marketing case studies. With the telephone being one of our most personal items–we don’t leave home without it–mobile marketing possibilities are endless. What do your customers want from your business?

Share your stories of mobile marketing in the Reply Section below.  Thank you.

My thanks to Neustar and their White Paper on Guide to Smart SMS Marketing.


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