12 Tips for Using Press Releases In Local Search Marketing

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At first glance, press releases and local search marketing seem like strange bedfellows. Press releases are a throwback to an older time period where businesses, usually large national companies did press releases to announce new developments to newspapers and other news media. In this article, Chris Silver Smith show a number of ways press releases can foster your local search marketing and getting to the top of the local search Maps.

Press releases and local search marketing

Chris Silver Smith

How Press Releases Can Help Local Search Marketing

1. Press releases are not just for large, national companies.

2. Releases can still function in the classic way, by getting the interest of a local newspaper reporter, who could then choose to do a story about your company for his or her publication. In this day and age, press releases can also get paraphrased or reported on by bloggers, too – I’ve had press releases picked up by specialized industry blogs, bringing attention to my topic from communities interested in the subject matter.

3. For local businesses, press releases can be an effective source for local citations, particularly since they can get picked up by geo-authority websites such as local news.

4. Finally, press releases can coordinate well with social media, so using services like Facebook and Twitter to push the PR can help generate more overall buzz about your business.

He concludes his article by providing Tips For Using Press Releases For Local Online Marketing:

You can read these tips and the complete article at  12 Tips for Using Press Releases In Local Online Marketing:

What has been your experience with using local press releases with your local search marketing? Share in the Reply section below. Thank you.

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